At Your Service Dog Grooming
Under 2-Hour Dog Grooming in Newtown, PA
Benefits of 2-Hour Private Grooming @ At Your Service Dog Grooming:
  • Individual one-on-one attention given to each dog by the same Professional Dog Groomer every time.
  • Perfect for elderly and special needs' dogs.
  • All dogs are completely dried by hand and never cage-dried so there is no chance for overheating.
  • Each dog has their own appointment time with the Jim providing individual attention and a stress-free environment.
  • Dogs will only be in the salon for the length of the actual groom and will be ready for pick-up about 1 1/2-2 hours after drop-off.
  • Your dog will not spend hours in a crate being frightened, waiting while other dogs are being groomed. 
  • Unlike chain stores, we do not employ bathers. Our Dog Groomer works on each client from start to finish, giving your dog the benefit of a Professional Dog Groomer for the entire process.
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We're open by appt 9am - 5pm, Monday through Saturday.
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Book a one-on-one dog grooming appointment @ Jim's quiet studio in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  Similar to mobile grooming, Jim works on one dog at a time, completing the full groom in under 2-hours.  Unlike mobile grooming, we have access to unlimited warm water, heat and air conditioning so that your dog will be extremely comfortable. And we will never break down, leaving you waiting hours for your groomer.  Our prices are much less than mobile grooming, as well.

Under 2-Hour Private Dog Grooming @ Our Newtown Salon.